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    Beginners Luck

    Sunday Morning i left the house at 5.30am and drove to pick up Robin, the roads were dry and i was looking forward to a nice day after the soaking we got on friday, Robin was waiting when i arrived a we quickly loaded his gear into the car and headed west to the meeting place, as we drove the heavens opened and it poured down, We picked the clients up and drove to the stalking ground and sat in the car chatting hoping the rain would ease but after about ten minutes we decided to brave the elements and make a start,

    Simon had never fired a stalking rifle before so we let him have a few shots to check his accuracy which was fine, Darren decided to stalk the wood with Robin while we sat in a high seat, We got comfortable and talked quietly Simon said that he was so busy as a welder that this was his first day off in ten weeks. We must have sat for an hour when the rain suddenly stopped and the sun began to shine, two fields away i saw a small group of fallow moving out of the wood into the stubble,

    Ten minutes later a group of fallow stepped out of the wood behind the high seat but one hung back on the edge of the wood providing a safe backstop. Simon stood on the ladder of the highseat resting the rifle on the back rail i told him to take the shot when he felt comfortable, the shot rang out and the deer vanished i won't repeat what Simon said but he was convinced that he had missed the animal, i told him we would give it ten minutes then go and have a look.

    The rest of the group huddled together on the skyline then all of a sudden started trotting towards us, at about fifty yards a doe stopped and made a perfect target, Simon aimed and the doe went down, We unloaded climbed down from the seat and walked towards the doe,

    as we were checking for eye response Robin Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	49257 arrived and said that the other deer was lying in the next field and we would need the quad to retrieve it, So what a First day for Simon, Two deer in a space of five minutes a nice buck and a big doe, Talk about beginners luck, Well done simon

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    Thanks Robin and Geoff for a cracking days stalking. You looked after me and Simon very well on Saturday, we felt like we'd been friends for years. Simons still buzzing today and beginning to give me headache!! I never had a shot but saw plenty of deer including Simons !! Hey, but will be back to remedie that. I recommend the lads at Kent and Sussex deer control to give you a thoroughly good and professional outing. Thanks again lads for a great day. P.S simon left my leggings in the Quad box. Deer on the brain I suppose!

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    Hi Darren thanks for the kind words, it was a pleasure to take you stalking, we look forward to the next time and lets hope you even the score, Regards Geoff (PS i have found the leggings)

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