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Thread: Volquartsen .22

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    Volquartsen .22

    Im looking for a Volquartsen .22 , stainless + houge stock . or anything very simalar . slot for rifle + mod + ready . thanks

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    I know a gun shop that has exactly what you are looking for as I px'd it back to them last week. PM me if you want their number.

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    Thanks chaps .

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    Shilen barrelled 10/22 with the standard Ruger synthetic stock, Theoben trigger job, auto bolt release, Theoben Vortex mod, scope mounts. For sale at my local RFD, VHD killed all my rabbits so 2x 22LR self loaders was a bit OTT. Rifle un used for last 10 years nearly as I have a Theoben AMT which fills most 22LR uses. Used the slot for a 17 AH.

    PM me if interested, it is on Guntrader, for sale at Northampton Gun.


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