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Thread: Sauer 202 Outback .243 100 grain ammo recommendation

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    Sauer 202 Outback .243 100 grain ammo recommendation

    Hi All,

    What 243 100 grain factory ammo would you recommend for a 202 outback??

    I dont really fancy spending a fortune to find the best ammo when someone might already have this solved. I know not all rifles like the same bullets, but I could do with pointing in the right direction.

    Thanks - Ben

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    Hi Ben, I have the exact same setup and I keep a box of these for when I run out of home loads, they group consistently well and are very good value.

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    There's no real way of recommending a round type for a specific gun, 2 identical model guns can shoot differently with the same brand ammo! best to try a few - I was getting under 1" grouping with PPU 80 and 90 gr SP's through my 202, but in all reality I also got that with remmingto, Norma, is just a really goo accurate rifle.

    I also have a Tikka and it shot remmington core Lok ok but shot about 2-3" with PPU.....its really a rifle by rifle specific ting.



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    My 202 does not like above 90 grn

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    I use Federal Power Shok 100g in my 202 and i won't be changing. It hates Sako, RWS and i struggled to get 5" groups with them.

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    Thanks for the help! Sounds like a suck it and see thing...... Hope I drop lucky.

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    RWS does fine through mine.

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