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Thread: Pimp your safe

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    Pimp your safe

    Maybe you all have fancy walk in rooms for keeping rifles and the like, but i've got tired of fumbling around in the dark of the gun cabinet trying to find stuff so invested in a couple of these - one in the internal cabinet and one in the gun section. Made a world of difference!

    Auraglow Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Super Bright 6 LED Battery Powered Cabinet Drawer Night Light: Lighting

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    I have these in my cabinet, found them to be very good.

    Pack of 3 Livarno Lux LED Push Lights £4.99 @Lidl | smartpound

    Keep an eye out for them next time they come around in Lidl.

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    Yep - any of these are a great addition. Surprise the cabinet makers haven't twigged that it might be a nice touch - would be cheap as chips for them to do; even just supply a couple of the lights for you to position when you buy it!

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    They had some motion sensor lights in LIDL last year for about 4, I brought one for each of my safes and they were definitely worth getting.

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    I tried a motion detecting led light in my safe (I have one in the bathroom for nighttime visits) but it wasn't enough light. I've ordered some led strip light and plan to fit then along the sides of the safe to light up the inside.

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