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Thread: bedding compound

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    bedding compound

    Im after some bedding compound i nearly finished making a stock for my howa and I fancy bedding it but I dont now which is the best compound to use and were do i get it from , I have herd of people using 2 part body filler and having good results for bedding and done many rifles , has anyone used body filler to bed there rifle before

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    Devcon steel putty or Marine Tex, or any two part epoxy will do. The first two are well know trade names so come at a price.

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    Acraglass gel for me but will try devcon soon.

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    Ive done three with devcon and its good
    Sticky horrible stuff to work with though
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    i prefer probed 2000, available in 4oz or 8oz brown or black, usually stocked by norman clark.

    for small bedding jobs like just doing the recoil lug and the first parallel section of the barrel, standard JB Weld does equally well, but I suppose is not so 'professional'

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    Devcon, I tried most other things, but won't use anything else.

    Simply, it works, its easy to clean, it cures without shrinkage and it can be machined easily.

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    Devcon is has been designed with a standard good enough for the aircraft industry...Worth every penny.

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    Ive bedded a few stocks Araldite 9323 you wont get much better than this for strenght.

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