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Thread: Jack pyke clothing

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    Jack pyke clothing

    Can any one give feed back on this brand, particularly the coats, as they seem reasonably priced. In your experience do they do a good job ?
    Many thanks in anticipation. Steve

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    I've had a Hunter jacket for 4 years, absolutely no complaints apart from the fact that they're not very breathable. They're tough and very warm. I don't wear it in the heighth of summer. For the money they're very good value.

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    I've had a Hunter for about 5 years and it gets frequent use.

    Good and bad.

    Good: They fit well and look pretty good. They aren't that expensive that it's the end of the world if the barbed wire does it's thing, but I agree they're fairly tough. They do keep out the cold pretty well. They are quiet.

    Bad: They aren't totally waterproof. Sustained rain will get through. They are marginally better than a bin bag for breathability. The stitching on the one I've got after a short while needed repairing, mostly on the pockets. The integral hood isn't the best.

    It depends on your usage. If you want something to wear while you're out and you don't intend going in bad weather (it'll cope with the odd unexpected shower for a while) then it's okay. If you do a fair bit of activity, they're not ideal as the lack of breathability means that you get a bit soggy in the usual places. For the price, they're okay. I use mine for such tasks as pottering around on the quad filling up pheasant feeders and similar jobs. I've got alternatives if it's wet. But they cost more...
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    i tryed on a mates feild smock the other day and to be honest for the money he paid it was really good his was in the english oak pattern i think its called and as a camo it was fantastic he was a couple of hundred yards away walking along a hedge and all i could see was a face and pair of hands

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    I have used a field smock for several years, it is good value for money and i wash it in nikwax to help keep all but the worst rain out. I also have a pair of there zip up wellies which have seen a fair bit of use over the last year or so and are still in perfect working order.

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    I picked my Jack pyke coat up for 50 at a game fare 4 years ago. I think its quality for the money, use it inland duck flighting, rough shooting, stalking on the hill when ive been and other stalking. I have the oak pattern and blends in nicely. If you want a coat that will be completely waterproof in relentless rain then you know you'll have to pay more money. But for it's price I think it's brilliant! Also have the boots, 120 ones. Not seen a hell of a lot of action yet bit Im pleased so far; again, I suppose the more you pay with some things the better they will be. I also picked up a thin Jack Pyke rain coat for wildfowling very cheap a good few years ago. I use it every time I go on the marsh and I've been out in bad bad weather. It kept me completely dry, and I just bought a bigger size so could wrap up warm underneath. Considering its always covered in salty mud and water, It is still in excellent condition after a dunk in the water butt after every trip.
    Good gear, but obviously there is better stuff out there if you're willing to pay for it.

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    who is this jack pyke never heard of him till about 10 years back, and we managed to shoot ducks without him
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    I have heard all good about this stuff so may try some. You do get what you pay for tho!

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    I can only comment about the JP coat I have, and TBH, I've had enough of it.

    Mine is a shell type jacket, so no insulation, and just a thin lining, which suits me, because I prefer to add layers if required. It's light, and the general design is good, with 6 pockets, all of a very good size.

    However, like others have said, with regard to breath ability, you may as well be wearing a bin liner, and I've ended up getting very cold from retained perspiration. Mine also only has a waterproof lining covering the body, and not the arms, so the last time out in the rain, my arms got soaked, and then the water wicked to the rest of my body.

    So I'm now looking for something to replace it, but will go for a better quality, more expensive jacket this time.

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    I would be interested to hear how their Countryman Zip Wellies last , they look to be well priced

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