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    primos sticks

    Just wandered if anyone knows,how the primos trigger sticks are put together.
    Since I got soaked mine have started squeeking very loudly,every time,I use them,tried wd 40 etc.
    I suspect the camo collars at the top of the lower pole come apart.but I do not want to force,any thing apart,
    Cheers Guys,

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    This is a fault with them I'm afraid If they get soaked. I hang my ones upside down and let the water drain out I have seen one apart at Bushwear and there is only a little thin plastic collar inside the leg and fits inside a cup with bearings inside when water gets in the bearings start to rust and seize up hence the noise.
    The plastic collars are glued on so there is a chance you will break it if you try to remove it! Is yours gen 1 or gen 2 ? my set is gen 2 and I got a replacement set free as they were under a year old so now I dry them off and hang them up and it has worked up to now.

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    Thanks for the tip! i'm heading out with mine soon (been in the cupboard for a year....) and think it may be a little damp. I might pretreat with ACF 50. Works a treat on the motorbikes in the winter so should keep some bearings happy.

    ACF-50 Motorcycle And Automotive All Metal Anti-Corrosion Spray: Sports Outdoors

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    I've found that treatment with dry teflon spray works best and lasts longer on sliding surfaces with a tight fit.

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    I've used it to good effect on tripods and telescopic sticks and it has the benefit of not leaving a sticky or oily residue once the propellant has evaporated.

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