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Thread: roe deer storing food

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    roe deer storing food

    Has anyone came across or heard of roe deer storing food in there cheek ? Was out stalking tonight and after a long stalk I could see a large lump on the roes cheek , first I thought the poor beast had an abscess but after shooting it and opening the "lump" up it was full of grass ?with no signs of any injury to its jaw or throat etc . it was in perfect health apart from this and its not something I've saw or heard of before ,has anyone else came across this?
    Thanks Allan

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    Look up ruminant.
    Deer are ruminants.
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    Its cheek was the size of 2 fists have you seen this before ?

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    Probably stuck there and couldn't shift it, most likely did the poor girl a favour..well done

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    Probably stuck there and couldn't shift it, most likely did the poor girl a favour..well done
    That did cross my mind as well mate was just something I'd not seen before ,cheers Allan

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    A photo would be good, I've seen them with a mouth full of food but what you describe seems much more

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    Have a look at the teeth, chances are there'll be a damaged one so chewing is poor. IT could be cud as teyhan suggests but your description sounds too big

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    I did take a photo but can't put them up but could email it to someone ? Its teeth were a bit worn as it was an older animal bit didn't see anything unusual

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    Would be interesting to see a pic with something to compare the size against , sounds like a cud ball to me
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