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Thread: Stey Mannlicher Classic vs Sauer 101 vs CZ 550

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    Question Stey Mannlicher Classic vs Sauer 101 vs CZ 550

    All in 30.06, and cost isn't an issue, which one would you go for? Which would you say is the most accurate out of box, which has the best rigger, and which is better built? Any comments on how the three compare are appreciated. Thank you.

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    They are all good rifles, but quite different. I have owned several Steyr Mannlichers, every model since the 1950. They are fine rifles, very accurate, really good ergonomics. The finish is more like a Sauer 202 Lux.

    I have owned several Sauer rifles. The Sauer 101 is more close to the Steyr SBS.

    I have owned a CZ in .375 H&H, and several friends own the 550 in fullstock carbines and full rifles. Very accurate, single set trigger, more a solid working rifle than a high grade like the Steyr Classic is.

    There is no "most accurate", no "best trigger". They are all quality. There is only best for you and your subjective opinion of what you like and what you think will best serve the uses to which you will put it.

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