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Thread: Mannlicher Luxus .308 20" barrel - thoughts?

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    Mannlicher Luxus .308 20" barrel - thoughts?

    I've got the option from a friend to buy a Mannlicher Luxus 20" barrel in .308. It's in good condition and has the old side safety not the rolling tang safety which I haven't got on with. I've had a couple of Mannlichers before, but just wondered if anyone had used or owned a 20" barrel .308 one and your thoughts on them. 20" is short, but it would be a pointable wee rifle even if the ballistics aren't quite as good.


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    Ballistics not as good? or velocity not as high? The added one hundred and fifty feet per second isn't anything a well-hit deer would notice if the Mann sported a 22-inch barrel. You can work around it. Like you said, it would be a sweetheart to hunt with if left bare bones. (no bipods or other junk hanging off of it)~Muir

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    Thanks. That's exactly my thinking, Muir. Keep it light with no 'pod or moderator - shot well enough without them for years. And if velocity were ever an issue, which it's not as I'm not really a speed freak, I'd switch to my favourite 130gr soft point homeloads. My Remy LSR .308 has a 21" tube and I get on very well with it; shoots way better than I ever will. I'm just used to longer barrelled Mannlichers and getting used to the idea of a 'carbine' version.

    Here's are some articles and commentary that agree on a 20" barrel being fine for a .308:;f=15;t=001773

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    20" is perfect for a light weight .308, ive used one for years and love it, Rel 15 with 150g Nosler BT is good medicine for Deer.

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    I have the 20" barrel on the Mauser in .308 kills moose OK.

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    I like the stripped down hunters. One of my favorite hunting rifles is an ancient, finish bare C.G. Haenel 8x57J with a two leaf express sight. Light as a willow wand and points like your finger. My eyes aren't what they used to be so I can't shoot overly far, but I can shoot quick and straight when I do.~Muir

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    I have a 20" .243 Mannlicher stutzen and a friend has a 20" barrel .308 Mannlicher stutzen which are both lovely to shoot - pointable, not too barky, and kill deer at any reasonable range.

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    Even in "High intensity cartridges" such as the .270 Winchester short barrels give very good results. My first ever full bore rifle was a BSA CF2 "Stutzen" that has a 20" barrel. Now normal loadings usually produce a fire ball at the muzzle but by handloading with a slightly faster powder that one would normally use in the 270 Winchester this is eliminated to no more than normal muzzle flash.

    On the range I have shot this rifle with 130 grain Ballitis Tips, pre the expanding bullet sutidity , at 600 yards with excellent accuracy. I happen to have soft spot for full stocked rifles.

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    I run a super-light steyr-mannlicher scout rifle, 19" barrel in .308 RL15 OR Varget loads will easily get you 2,700fps in a 150gn bullet. Q. though, if there are so many fans of light-weight uncluttered rifles out there why does the Scout get such a bad rap?? I have my ideas but I will wait to see others opinions.

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    Last time someone asked for an oppinion on the M-S Scout rifle i said they were plastic trash. They seemed to get a bit upset about that. I don't know how M-S have come to turning out a thing like that when you look at what they used to make. JMO.

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