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Thread: Boy Scout funeral service

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    Boy Scout funeral service

    I know a lot of you must have been Boy Scouts, so I wonder if any of the churches, like the Presbyterian ( a big sponsor of Scouting ) have a funeral service for Scouts or leaders? Or do they just get a bit of an add-on to a regular funeral?

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    Never heard of anything like that (not to say it doesn't happen tho).
    when i was a scout (many years ago) our group was attached to a Church of England church rather than any link with the Presbyterians. Wonder if it's different in the UK to the US?

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    All the Scout Troops in the USA are sponsored by a Church or Synagogue. Presbyterians and Lutherans are the largest sponsors, especially in the South. That makes sense, since there were more German Lutherans in the Colonies than there were English, French and Spanish combined.

    The Episcopal Church is very established in the Carolinas and Virginia, but there was a huge recruitment of Conventers from Northern Ireland in the 1770s, so a lot of Presbyterians arrived in the South for land grants and their passage paid, between 1771 and 1774. It took the settling of the French and Indian War to open the way for that, and the Indians did not work out treaties with the legislatures in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia until 1772, long after the French and their northern tribal allies reached agreements with the British in New York and New England.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Usually get cremated...........................

    Just rub two of them together.
    Funny - but not in the spirit of things.


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    I don't know, but I've asked a man who might. Will post back if he has anything for me.


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    Thanks, all. I passed along a copy of the Chaplain's Manual, which has some things in it, very much geared to a Presbyterian service. The deceased is a British citizen who was working here, son in Scouts, him very much involved, no other family here, and just had a heart attack. So I am interested in anything from the Church of England, of course. They are mainly going to have a small memorial service of just close friends and Scouting.

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