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    Does the motorcycle become the property of the deer, or the landowner?
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    Deer, oh deer!

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    you could caption that with 'whitetail meets brown tail '
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    I have hit a pigeon at 80 Mph when on a bike and that was bad enough!!


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    Report it to the police - That deer wasn't wearing a crash helmet, or is it a new way of "mugging" bike riders?

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    I took what I think was a blackbird or thrush directly on the shoulder whilst going at a serious speed on my Kawasaki ZX10R.

    It was like being punched hard, I got a bloody good fright although probably not so much as the bird.

    I also know of a lad who was killed when he was hit on the visor by a pheasant, nasty !!!

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    Ahhhh chromotography blackbird.
    I hit one when I was making progress. It hit the windshield then my visor. Made for interesting braking.
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