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Thread: stalking with sikamalc

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    stalking with sikamalc

    I would like to thank
    Malcom for a real nice few outings over the last few days it is so nice to be out with like minded lads, not many grassed but ha ho that's hunting we had a few inc a white one lol.
    It was very nice to meet night stalker and his dad , now that was a nice thing for a son to do at whatever age

    the ground is very nice and lots of deer too, just a pity it was dark when the buggers would come out the rain was a pain then the mist after a warm spell made them keen to stay in cover.I for one would love to revisit the venue ,the digs were top rate with your own front door .
    Over all as you can guess we enjoyed our outing with Sikamalc.
    pp none member Pete

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    Malcs as honest and straight as the long days he puts in.

    Glad you enjoyed your outings Paul.. If you got a few over a couple of days thats not bad going, especially in the poor weather.

    Theres always the next time
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Out with Malc this weekend.....Dont worry Paul O'....we'll mop up for you!

    Really looking forward it!

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    I and my dad enjoyed meeting you and Pete. It's a shame that we could not grass more deer but there is always next time! I am still moaning and groaning about missing that buck! Thanks for the dinner Paul. Hope to catch up with you and Pete again some time.

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    He is a great chap, honest, and knows the stalking game quite well. He has hooked me. If only the airfare was a bit cheaper.

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    Thanks Paul and Peter, Raj and your father,

    Well the weather was against us a bit, and the deer were not moving that much, but we had over 5 days 5 on the floor and two misses so it would have been 7 total. But that's stalking, you cant shoot them all and everyone got a beast so not so bad.

    The funny part was seeing that buck plus 8 does about 20yds from the bothy on our return the other evening, we could have stayed in doors and shot them out of the window almost!!

    Keep well guys and catch you later in the year.

    Best wishes

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    Thoroughly enjoyed my stalks with Malcolm..... Some lovely woods, a great B&B and excellent pub, food and company!
    Shame no one told the fallow of the plan!
    Nevermind ...theres always next time!
    cheers Malc!

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