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Thread: vortex diamondback binoculars

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    vortex diamondback binoculars

    Has anyone tried these bino's have heard they're pretty good for the money , but has anyone tried them in low light

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    My pal has brought a pair back from the States - they look the biz.
    I tried them out but nothing challenging and I have to say I was impressed and all for less than $300 in the USA.

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    I've got an 8x42 pair coming on trial well see.

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    Hoping to have a few sets down with us at the Newark Deer Stalking Fair. It'll be our usual hard sell approach - ie you are welcome to give them a try and decide for yourself.

    We like them and have yet to find a major gripe for the money.
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    Thanks for the feed back guys much appreciated

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    I see sportsman gun centre are doing them for like 130 or something. Pretty cheap.
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    We do them if it's any help, we are using vortex bins and scopes and they are very good for the money plus the warranty is second to none
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    Does anyone else see the phrase, "good for the price" as damning with faint praise? Or is it just me?
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    My mate got some and we compared them to my older 8x42 Swaro SLC's in a not so scientific test. Normal light you can't really tell the difference. Low light I reckoned mine were clearer and he said not. You could defo see better through mine when the light was nearly gone, but by then you wouldn't shoot a deer anyway!

    I bought my Swaro's 2nd hand for 500 quid which was a good deal, but if I'd had the chance to compare before I got them, I would probably have bought the Vortex and saved meself a good wedge. Swaro's are certainly not 10 times the quality, but new are 10 times the price!!

    Oh and Vortex give a no quibble lifetime guarantee too and they are much lighter than mine,

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    I've been using these for the last few years and I think they're very good. At last light if these can't see the deer then neither will my Zeiss scope.

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