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Thread: Berreta S3 EL missfire

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    Berreta S3 EL missfire

    My Berretta S3EL sideplated double trigger shotgun won't always fire the bottom barrel, the cartridge will show a light indentation when this happens. Will fire o.k for 3-5 shots, then misfires, put the cartridge in the top barrel and it fires, so not a hard primer as has been suggested. You can hear the hammer fall see the pin protruding slightly from the face, wondering if anyone has worked on one or owned one that did the same. deerwarden

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    Does it have disc-set strikers? If so, you can strip the firing pins without taking the action apart by using a peg spanner in the disc holes. Could be a piece of debris in behind the firing pin hole getting moved about & preventing it protruding fully. If it's firing at all it's unlikely to be pin damage as you'd fail to get any cartridges to fire at all. The firing pins should be set against light springs & it's not uncommon for these to break into two or more pieces. Could be a broken coil is getting in the way of the pin

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    Remove the stock and sideplates and blast it with WD40 a few times and allow to drip dry overnight then oil lightly and assemble.
    (8mm long Allen key & two finely ground screwdrivers).

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