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Thread: looking for a .243 full set up cheap!!

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    looking for a .243 full set up cheap!!

    hi guys and girls,

    I'm looking for a full .243 set up. i don't have an awful lot of money and don't mind buying second hand as long as it has life left in it. let me know what you guys have or reckon and hopefully ill find something i am looking for!!

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    If you have enough in the pot get a new howa. Brock & norris will do a good deal for you.

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    what's your budget? under 500 inc. scope or under 1000?

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    well depends on what it is. dont wanna spend a shitload haha probs about 500 for the right set up. would be nice to have the full thing for that price too. don't need anything fancy just a starter rifle for foxing and the odd deer

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    I have a cz for sale in .243. Hawke prostalk scope so obviouly mounts too.
    Only thing is that it isnt threaded but for 325 you have plenty left to get that done.
    Also have a rather rough but functional mod that you could have for 50.
    Pm me an email address if you want pics and details.

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    might have a mauser 98 .243 for sale that shoots ragged holes all day long, would come with a redfield 4x scope and an old harris bipod and would probably look for around 500..not 100% sure of this yet, but let me know if sounds of interest.

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    Ruger 77 walnut and black timney trigger glass bedded screw cut with leupold scope 400 can also supply a mod if needed.

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    still looking

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    I've just bought a Remington 700 CDL from F A Anderson in E Grinstead for 525 new. It's a beautiful walnut-stocked rifle, I'm really pleased with it. They don't seem to have any in stock at the moment, but may get some more in. Apparently Remington have recntly taken over their UK distributors and are halving their prices, which explains why most Remington 700 CDLs on guntrader are still in the 800 -1,000 range.

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    My mate Tony is looking to sell his nearly new .243 Howa 1500 Synthetic stock + Wildcat moderator + 4x12x50 Nikko Sterling Gold Scope. Also included 80 of ammo. He wants 650 for the lot.He is in North Yorkshire, his phone is 07834 639991. Suggest you give him a call.
    Adam 07990 506119

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