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Thread: Sensible allowances advise needed

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    Sensible allowances advise needed

    Hi All,

    I use a .270 and 22-250 and want to start reloading for both. I currently have 60 to hold and 40 to buy on both calibres & would like some advice on what would be reasonable quantities to request? Bullets come in boxes of 100, right? And I can buy primers and powder on the grounds of my FAC alone? Is that right?

    So, would it be sensible to ask for 250 to hold and 200 to buy in both calibres? I'd like to have a play around & find the best load for both rifles (soft-point in both 130 and 150gr for the .270, and soft-point and ballistic tip for the 22-250) hence the 200 to buy. If I didn't intend reloading, the quantities I already have would suit me fine (apart from the 300 to hold/250 to buy in .22LR that I also have)

    I only shoot limited numbers of rounds (probably less than 20/month), so wouldn't be buying rounds often once I'd sorted out my loads

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    They have done away with the difference in hold/buy allowances now, so you just ask for what am mount you'd like in total.

    i have allowance of 300assembled rounds and 300 expending missiles (total 600 bullets) in 2 calibres

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    Dont forget that you have different allowance for expanding and non expanding ammunition

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    I didn't realise they'd changed the allowances! I'd only be reloading expanding bullets as I don't do any target shooting.........I take it the soft-points and ballistic tips are both classed as expanding bullets though?

    So, probably 600 in total would be best for my needs. 100 assembled rounds and 200 expanding bullets for each calibre (a box each of 130 and 150gr for the .270, and a box each of soft-point and ballistic tips for the 22-250). That would allow me to have 100 of each calibre ready to use, and bullets ready for reloading. maybe I'm overcomplicating this, but every time I think about it I get a headache, lol! 600 should save me a few trips to the shop though. I should probably have a chat with my FEO & see how that ties in with other re-loaders in my area, too

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    Depending on where you shop that could limit the amount of primers you can buy. Personally I'd say 500 of each to buy and 600 of each to hold. This will mean you can get primers in batches of 1000 with no worries.

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    I currently have 200 to buy and 400 to hold on each of my centrefires, which will just change to 400 to hold when I renew next year. I'd ask for 250 built + 150 components in each calibre if I were reloading. That gives you 400 components that can be moved into the built column up to max 250 - does that make as much sense as it did in my head?!
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    No. Lol!

    I'd been told primers weren't limited by quantities. Is that not right? I just assumed that my FAC would allow me to buy primers and powder as I needed them, and that it was only bullets that were restricted.

    I see what you mean about the primers though. Makes sense to buy them in larger batches for consistency

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    sorry, I thought at first you wanted sensible advise, and I thought, well,, won't come from here ! LOL...300 makes sense because you can buy say 100 in one weight and 100 in another if you run two loads, and still have some left at home, that's how I do it and works just fine.

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    I've had 300 from the outset for my 7mm-08 and my 7x57R. Now I reload so I buy expanding bullets but I've never been anywhere near the 300 limit for either. However as I can now reload cheap practice ammunition with FMJs, I daresay I may come somewhere near that level at some point. But I don't blast my way through 100 rounds on a range session, maybe 20 to 40 each time. If you're just stalking and not doing much target practice, you really don't need many.

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    Thanks guys. Good to know I wasn't too far off the mark (unlike when I actually squeeze the trigger )

    I like to fire a few rounds to check zero every month just to make certain I'm not too rusty when I get out stalking, but I can't imagine myself getting near those limits. It would just be good to be able to have the ability to buy the components in the quantities I need to find the load that the rifles like best. I have a friend in the States who last year loaded me a batch of .270 that gave superb results at around 2700fps & I'd like to see if I can get close to that. Recoil was tamed dramatically, and the groups were pretty good out to a decent range too

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