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Thread: Leupold's New Scope

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    Leupold's New Scope

    Hi all, I picked this up about the new VX-7 leupold scope, it is going head to head with the top German makes.

    The VX-7. Built on a 30mm tube, it uses a new lens system--Xtended Twilight Lens--and features a new SpeeDial adjustment system, fast-focus eyepiece and Generation II argon/krypton waterproofing system. The scope will be available in 1.5-6x24, 2.5-10x45, 3.5-14x50, 3.5-14x56 Long Range and 4.5-18x56 Long Range, the latter featuring the concave crescent objective bell found on the VX-L.

    Will you be buying one?


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    new scopes

    Yes I'd love one but i dont need a 2nd mortgage!!!


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    Re: Leupold's New Scope

    Quote Originally Posted by Thar
    Will you be buying one?

    Nightforce are a better buy.

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    Pearl harbour....americans(leupold) versus the japs(nightforce)

    could be interesting

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    Not quite! The yanks use Japanese produced glass in their scopes.

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    Re: Leupold's New Scope

    Quote Originally Posted by Thar
    Will you be buying one?



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    looks good but I think there are some far superior optics in the European market for that kind of money.
    We all know that though!!

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    I bought one recently. Had it shipped over by a friend $611 plus $60 postage. This changed out to about 350. Over here they come out at about 700. All I can say is dont knock it till you try it. For me they Leupold are the best all round working scopes you can buy.

    Stuff the continental scopes, too much money and over rated.

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    The only Leupold I have been really impressed with is a MK4 target scope.

    If they think they are catching up with the Europeans they may not want to see this...

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    Hmm, I still prefer a Leuopold scope. No mention on the site of the cost, possibly because you need to sign a contract with Satan for your life before you can afford one.

    Personally I think that Leuopold are the best all round working scope, and I have been using them for many years. My two PH friends in Africa swear by Leuopold as the best all round working scopes, and the only trouble they have ever encountered with scopes was with Swarovski. thats not to say that they are bad scopes, they are very very good scopes. Its just that I cannot warrant the money for a Swarovski. After all you get lifetime guarantee with Leuopold, which I assume you get with Swarovski. And the new optics on Leuopold are as good as any other scope.

    Sorry I am a Leuopold man and cannot be converted, Burris are also pretty good as well. I am sure there will be many in the forum that will disagree with me.

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