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Thread: First visit

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    First visit

    "HELLO TO ALL" First may i thank you for the entertainment over the last couple of weeks, "sitting alone upstairs, laughing at a computer" prompted several visits by a nosey wife! (mine unfortunately). Secondly, as a newcomer to deer stalking, i am amazed at the amount of knowledge and information so freely given; much appreciated.

    ME: 53,Burton on Trent, retired fire service,ex rugby player, shot all my life, make funny (unusual) noises (groans) when bending, standing or kneeling? and still don`t recognise the chubby grey haired old guy looking back at me in the mirror!!

    At present, running in the barrel of a new 243 howa, 1500 sporter, using saco twin head nosler soft point 100 grs. Although just chucking bullets down the barrel, the saco`s do not appear to like the 1in10 twist of the rifle. Any suggestions or experience? Thanks, TONY M.

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    welcome tony, you have come to the right place anyway, the best of the best hang around here i think! nice friendly highly educated bunch as for me im a newbie,sorry cant help right now,maybe next year haha!

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    Hi fellow Midlander,
    I'm down in Coventry but a couple of the other members are up there near your location! Enjoy the site mate!

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    hi tony
    so far as i can make out you hav a lot of x's with lots of moaning so quite normal then
    glad you hav enjoyed what you hav seen so far, now you hav joined, it will only get better
    good luck and
    good hunting

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    Hi TonyM
    Welcome to the site mate There are a good load people on here so get stuck in with the conversations & enjoy
    So you live in burton on trent Then You could spit on my house from where you live mate

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    Hi Tony, if you would like some help developing a good round for your Howa I will volunteer my help and my kit. I have .243 dies and all the gadgets and am just round the corner from Burton. Drop me a line and we'll see what can be arranged.



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    Hello Tony and welcome,
    all that groaning and funny noise stuff accompanied by the chubby thing, don't worry you are entering your prime Just take it easy, we don't want you peaking too early.


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    Didn't realise the membership was so 'burtoncentric'. Nice to hear from folks from the town of my birth. My folks still live nearby.

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    hi tony welcome to the site from north staffs so not far from you up in gods country

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