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Thread: Ruger M77 mkII .243 plus reloading bits and scope

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    Ruger M77 mkII .243 plus reloading bits and scope

    As title. .243 ruger M77 mkII. Nice clean condition. The action, barrel and crown are in superb order. Woodwork is also very good in nice oiled finish, few minor marks. I've had this about 6 months or so but it just doesn't see much action compared to the .308 hence the sale. I've personally put exactly 32 rounds through it and the chap previous to me (original owner) told me it had seen no more than 100 rounds. 22" barrel, not screwcut. Floorplate magazine.
    Would prefer FTF so you can see what you're getting and we're both happy, but will send via RFD at your cost (around 25 at my end).
    Also comes with ruger mounts and a pull-through. Sling pictured not included.

    The scope pictured is a leupold M8 6x42 - multi-coated better version.

    250 rifle/mounts and pull through only
    350 rifle/mounts, pull through and scope as above
    400 rifle/mounts, pull-through, scope and 68 rounds of Sako gamehead 100gr soft point.

    Also have some reloading gear which I'll let go for 20 to the purchaser of the rifle, may split later IF they don't want it:
    factory crimp die
    bullet seating die (plus a spare with a bit of surface rust that works fine)
    neck sizing die
    case length guage
    shell holder
    32 empty cases (federal and sako)
    All dies are Lee - with plastic case (one red one yellow)

    I will also consider px for a decent 17hmr or semi-auto shottie....

    pics here:
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