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Thread: What to look for ?

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    What to look for ?

    Advice needed -

    I have 700 acres of great stalking ground, I say great because not only are there roe, fallow & muntjac but the land is also only 15 mins from my house.

    I have the stalking rights for this land, I do have a stalking partner who I split the cost within the 1st year but for the second his financial circumstances dictated that he could not afford it, so I allowed him to carry on stalking the land in return he mowed my lawn as I work away.

    Now my situation is that I work away for 8 months of the year only returning to the UK every 3rd month for perhaps 3 - 4 weeks.

    If I were to look for a "paying stalking partner" what should I be looking for in quals and experience?

    Advice welcomed.

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    Well sorry jon i would never let any of my friends mow my lawn lol

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    I'm no expert but I would be looking for someone with minimum DSC1, insurance, not too local. ask around and try and find someone who is recomended or known to you or a friend.
    meet with them first to try and see if you are on the same wavelength (this is important for both parties) other stuff might depend on the type of stalking, are they fit enough, do they have a suitable vehicle.

    from a lot of people i speak to about stalking it's going to be hard to tell what they are like just by qualifications or what they tell you there experience is.
    everyone has done loads, owns a rifle that shoots 'bug holes'
    i'm sure that there is someone on this site that would be perfect.


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    I guess in part it would also depend on what you are looking for from your stalking partner, other than splitting the financial cost. Do you expect the management in terms of cull numbers to be done 50/50, despite your only being able to stalk a limited amount of time? Or are you thinking of having your partner do the majority of the cull? As ezzy has said, I'd look for someone with DSC1 (or proven experience) and insurance, and I'd want contact details of references - either stalkers they've been out with on bought days, or landowners they've provided a service for. Then I'd sit down with them and chat over a beer or two and discuss what we each are looking to achieve with this bit of land and the deer on it. It will eventually come down to a personal feeling - whether you feel comfortable that you can have a working partnership or not, regardless of what qualifications they might have (or not).

    Good luck!

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    taking on a stalking partner as 50-50 is quite a big step when money is concerned, especially if it is a stranger aswell
    personally i would want some who is as competent or better than myself in all aspects from being able to identify what they are shooting at long before the shot is often taken , to dedication of being on the ground to show the Farmer/Landowner you are serious about controlling the deer upto extended determination and means to follow up and find any runners , aswell as safe, insured, well mannered and farmer friendly plus knowledgeable about the type of deer you are stalking
    as 700 acres is not a big peice of ground for it to have resident Fallow and Roe on in such numbers
    so it would be easy to wipe out your resident Roe so leaving only a gateway for passing Roe to move into and out as they please so limiting the amount of Roe you will see and shoot through out the year,
    so having a cull plan which you both can understand and follow would be a must, as shooting your resident Doe's will mean you may hav nothing to draw the bucks in during may, june and july
    so already limiting some of your stalking
    the fallow are another case depending how far into the fallow area you are
    A few of us local stalkers in my area work on trying to preserve the good Fallow bucks, so shooting of palmated bucks is limited because of this or before long Wawrickshire may not hav many good bucks left to pass on thier genes
    if you need any help or advice on this i would be happy to speak further if you wanted as you can't be that far from me anyway
    just PM me a contact number
    Kind regards

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