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Thread: Random question.

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    Random question.

    Got an offer from a friend to bring back some kit from America if I want. As I've been looking for a press for ages I thought it would be a good opportunity to get one at a good price.

    Question is, are there any restrictions on bringing reloading kit through customs? Does anybody have any experience of this? Dont want to put friend to any trouble/risk having stuff left at the airport so any thoughts appreciated.


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    No, there are no restrictions. Your friend needs a US export licence for brass and bullets (but only if bought in the USA). Primers (i/c primed cases) and powders are absolute No-Nos on aircraft - police, Federal agents, handcuffs and chokie job! Tools are OK - all the visiting foreign teams took presses, dies, RCBS ChargeMasters and goodness knows what else too and from the F-Class World Championships in New Mexico last summer to handload locally.

    The big problem with presses and airlines is weight. Any savings could easily be swallowed by excess baggage weight charges. Of course, any personal import above a certain value should be declared on arrival and be subject to duty and VAT.

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