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Thread: Swap trip to Wayne and Andy

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    Swap trip to Wayne and Andy

    Had to make a new profile but i can finally put up my story.

    Couple a weeks ago I and my mate Charly went to the Malvern Hills to visit Wayne Davies and Andy Hunt. We agreed on a swap hunt, muntjac and fallow in the UK for wild boar and red deer at our place in the Netherlands. We flew in at Birmingham airport and Wayne was already waiting. We drove to his house and got to know his mate Andy and girlfriend Chris. We slept at a farm B&B close by, but didn't see a lot of it because we enjoyed the meals from Chris that much that we ate quite a lot at Wayne and Chris's home. Also we had to get up early, where out all day and got back late during the days we stayed.
    My mate Charly has never seen a muntjac before so our goal was to get him one as i have hunted and shot them before. The first evening I and Wayne sat on a high seat with some nice rides but only saw a fox. Andy and Charly sat on the other side and halfway the evening we heard a shot. Andy sent a text: Charly got his first muntjac doe! Back at the cars we made a picture of a happy Charly.
    Next morning we where out for Fallow. At first light we saw quite a few and decided to go for a doe and calf standing at the woodside. We stalked up to about 100 yards and set the sticks up. Fawn dropped on the first shot and doe walked off couple of meters and stood still looking back. She was undecided to jump the fence or wait for her calf. She dropped on the spot with the second shot. Another group of about 8 more fallow circled round but no change on those. So nice morning already. Wayne gutted them and we went to look for some others. Saw 3 more around the corner but they ran off. When we crossed a field a group of about 12 fallow came towards us. We got on our belly's and waited for them. They stopped at 40 yards and i could shot a hind. Then they ran off and a spiker stopped braodside at 200 yards. Because i was layind down and on the bipod i felt ok to shoot it after Wayne gave the thumbs up. So great morning with 4 fallow ! Charly and Andy saw a couple but didn't get a shot.
    In the evening Charly sat at the seat I was the day before and shot a nice muntjac buck. He was over the moon with that one ! Wayne and I didn't get an opportunity unfortunately. Maybe Wayne lost his muntjacmagic?
    On the last morning we sat at a high seat where we spotted several muntjac before. Lots of tracks but no luck yet. When Wayne decided to get the dog from the car to have a stalk I waited for him at the high seat. And after 2 minutes a muntjac doe came walking down the path. Must have waited for Wayne to leave. I waited untill it was broadside and got my muntjac doe. Then we stalked together with Max the dog stalking through the woodland like we also did the day before. The dog alerted us several times and at one stage a muntjac started barking on a hill. I got on the sticks and Wayne pointed it out. It was in thick cover with branches. But when it moved slightly i could see the shoulder and fired. It rolled halfway down the steep slope and Wayne and Max got some exercise with getting it.
    One night we went lamping for foxes as it is rare to do that in the Netherlands (only on a special license).
    In total I got 4 fallow, 2 muntjac and a fox. My mate Charly got 3 muntjac and 2 fallow.
    Again many thanks to Wayne, Andy and Chris for making our trip so succesfull. It was more then we aspected. We hope that we can give you the same courtesy when you are coming over in November !

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    well done to you all, what a great weekend to remember.a nice write up

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    What a great weekend you guys had. Wayne and Andy now how to put guys onto deer.

    It was good to meet you over breakfast on the sat morning.

    Nice one.


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    Well done lads looks like you had a great weekend,with some nice results ,well done Wayne & Andy

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    Well done guys..

    Looks like a great time was had by all..

    I can see the roe andys looking at six fields away just in front the bush..

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    A really good write up - it sounds like you had a fantastic time!

    As Jonathon said, it was a real pleasure to meet you for breakfast on the Saturday morning and introduce you to the delights of a "full English".

    All the best


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    Hi Ruud
    Were glad you both enjoyed it, we certainly did.

    I've added a few more piccy's

    Speak soon

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    Great result guys and some nice pictures but who drew the short straw and had to lug that lot back to the truck lol.

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    Hi Jon
    We had a shuttle service running

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    Thats looks just the ticket us poor southerners have to cary ours back to the truck, but still i recon we could get a load of muntjak on there but are those blue biker gloves compulsery lol.

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