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    New member Neil P

    Hi my name is neil I have been stalking for 5 years, I did work in canada jan 2008 to jan 2012 wnere I took up deer stalking.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Neil P - Introduction

    Hello my name is Neil I have been stalking for 5 years, I worked in Calgay, Alberta, Canada from Jan 2008 to Jan 2012, when I was in Canada I took up deer stalking, I had to complete the Alberta hunting training prior to stalking this is as the uk DSC 1, and yes when I returnrd to the UK in 2012 I took my DSC 1, I have stalking in Scotland and enjoy this, stalking in th UK is better than Canada as you draw tags for deer in Alberta and it is on areas, thus you have travel north for good stalking, but in Alberta you are also game for wolves, bear and cougar, the stalking season in Canada is Sept to Jan each year, with black bear as open season when they are active, as black bear are classed as a pest. I stalked moose, black bear, white tailed, mule, and elk deer.
    I did return to the UK with all my firearms, I use a Tikka T3 in .308win, with Vortex scope and Zeiss binos.
    I live in the midlands and have stalking in scotland with two friend, we have our own 400 acres of woodland, with red and roe deer, we have had a good year and i shot my first Roe Buch this July and yes i am having it mounted.
    I look forward to meeting / talking to other members.

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    Hi John thank you, just got back from stalking last weekend near Newton Stewart, no luck but bumped a very large red stag in full rut, he did not see me in my high seat so he got within 30 yards of me so I made some movement and he gave me a big bark and ran into the wood and stood varking for several mins, what a great day. Regards neil

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