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Thread: Just a rant - thieving little tykes

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    Just a rant - thieving little tykes

    Well, spent the time applying for my FAC, then arranging a rifle (with multiple problems that meant its return and a one-for-one variation), I set out to reccy the land over which I have permission to shoot. Trail camera in place, doing my homework, left for a few nights, and excited to see the results....

    The result - camera gone!

    Camera was well off public paths, reasonably well camouflaged, and out of direct sight. Pretty gutted and disappointed. Lesson learned eh? But why do we have to learn such lessons?!

    The camera has a code to enter the settings; whether that will affect its current function I do not know. Perhaps I've just got the perfect set up and passed it on to someone else....

    I'd like to think this wasn't a fellow shooter, but I see no other reason for someone to be walking this route...I really hope not!

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    Maybe they saw you setting the camera, maybe an anti. What you need is a hidden camera to catch them.

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    Funny you should put this post I have a permission that I've had for years but have thought about moving a couple of cameras from the farm to this wood as I've been asked to shoot the deer but although there are no footpaths in the wood it doesn't seem to stop people, so am a little concerned about having them pinched,

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    I have used trail cams for many years in fact it's become a bit of an addiction for me I love them however I lost my first one this year a few weeks ago to say it's a real kick in the B*****ks is an understatement you know the risk but think/hope it will never happen the S**** of this world.....

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    I would (now) advise to be as discrete as possible when setting and where!

    That said, my permission is well out of the way...can't imagine someone saw me set it, especially as I was (shotgun) shooting that day so in and out of the wood anyway.

    I'm less annoyed; more disappointed - its the never knowing what I caught over the last week!

    I won't stop, but I will be more careful in future - may need those two cameras as suggested

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    Try these, the cameras I use are encased in a 2 part steel box to (help) prevent theft and locked onto trees with a double wrap of these,
    Bob Bike Shop | MASTER LOCK Python Adjustable 8417 Cable Lock black | Bicycle Locks

    Theyve been used on cameras countering people vandalising outdoor art, been spotted and survived attempts to remove cameras.

    Fortunately my most annoying thing I've had with cameras is having to delete all the close ups of nosy buggers and the occasional bare a**e I've been shown!

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    Probably one of these new-age bushcrafter types that dress in vintage clober sourced from e-bay and found himself snapped by your setup when relieving himself.

    Hope he returns it soon sanse the memory card.

    A real bumer and I feel for you.

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    None of the cameras on the market are really covert, which is a pity.
    Even if it is well out of the way,they can still be spotted and nicked.
    it is amazing who wanders around when you are not there.
    Its a real art to set up truly covert cameras and you need specialised equipment.
    Remember these people are out, up to no good ,looking around for anything.

    yes a camera watching a camera watching a camera, or a tracking device
    might be useful.

    if a deer can walk up to your camera then so can a human.
    especially if its on a trail of some sort.
    not had a camera nicked YET, but several metal high seats ???.
    I just build heavy wooden ones now

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    I had one stolen 18 months ago the landowner had a pretty good idea that a regular dog walker was responsible and had a chat with him , unbelievably it was returned to me by the dog walker who claimed he had taken it to prevent it being stolen by other dog walkers !! this was then followed up by a request for some rabbits to run his dog on-needless to say he got no permission and barred from the land.Hope you get yours back.

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