I've been talking with a TV producer who's looking to run a documentary series on families who are aiming for a degree of self-sufficiency, but in an urban environment. I know there's a few folk on here who are interested in smallholding / self-sufficiency, and maybe would be suitable candidates to be featured?
Ideally they're looking for families who are just starting (or about to start) their "journey" to self-sufficiency on a very small scale - we're talking "micro-holdings" here! Maybe digging up the lawn to grow veg or building a greenhouse or small polytunnel, keeping hens in the garden (and maybe other livestock too), producing own meat, making wine / beer, etc etc. The main thing is that it's all done at home and is really small scale. It doesn't actually have to be urban as such - a village setting would do. Successful candidates would also get some advice and guidance along the way, from people who've already done all these things and actually made self-sufficiency a reality.

Any one who thinks they might be interested in being involved in the project drop me a PM.