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Thread: Is anyone likely to want a gwp puppy next summer??

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    Is anyone likely to want a gwp puppy next summer??

    Hi folks, I'm considering breeding a litter of puppies from my GWP bitch but want to gauge interest before I make up my mind. I only have two or possibly three prospective homes for possible puppies and won't be breeding a litter unless I have the possibility of another three or so. So I thought I'd ask if anyone might be interested.

    My bitch is a well bred GWP, and a pretty good all rounder. She's very fast and covers acres per minute. She points well and misses very little. She's not bad at following laid scent trails if a little quick. She reads my body language very well and knows what type of shooting we're doing. She stalks slowly and methodically when we're in stealth mode and can run a moor all day long. Her pups will be ideal trialling dogs with good stalking ability too. I had a litter from her two years ago and believe one of those pups has had some success in trialling and two more of the litter are working full time on grouse moors. All but one of the last litter went to working homes and as far as I'm aware, they are all doing well.

    My intention was to keep a pup from the last litter but It ended up going to the moor and me deciding to breed another litter from her at a later date. My thought was that at least she wouldn't be having her first litter at six years old.

    If I do breed from her, pups will be available next summer assuming she comes into season. If there's insufficient interest, then I'm going to start looking for a pup myself, I'm expecting a long wait, hence the planning ahead!

    All puppies will be around 500 each and I'll find a suitably qualified stud dog so the breeding will be consistently good. They will all have tails and the bitch and stud will have their health tests done before any breeding happens!

    I'm not expecting anyone to 'order' a puppy but if 20 people tell me that they'll be looking for a dog next summer then I'll start thinking about it seriously.

    Thanks for reading all that,

    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    I'm a possible. Got 2 GSP's just now but it probably depends on whether the 14 year old one is still around. We've had 3 before & I found it just too many to give the appropriate attention too.

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    Does your bitch retrieve as well? Whats her breeding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsorense View Post
    Does your bitch retrieve as well? Whats her breeding?

    Yes, she retrieves well. Particularly runners, from water or from rough cover. She's not at all hard mouthed and will fetch birds without damage. She's not as good as my labrador (her delivery isn't brilliant, she's a bit of a spitter) but she fetches me clean, edible birds from places I can't get to. She came from Jackie Hay at Moorrunner kennels and is of Danish descent. Her lines (that I can think of) are Trudvang, Gavic, kragborg. She is full sister (litter mate) to FTch Moorrunner Marksman. Her temperament is second to none. She has no edge to her at all. She is aggressive only when you want her to be and is no hassle at all with children or with other dogs. I know some of these dogs can be 'sharp' and I know that some people want that in their dog but mine isn't like that at all.

    I'd also like to hear from anyone who might have a stud dog that they think might suit my dog.
    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    This is a video of her that I uploaded recently, I was playing with the video software so the clips aren't particularly any good, just what I had on my phone at the time. I'm planning on making some more videos so will add them to this thread as I do. Obviously I'll only use clips where she is perfect from now on though
    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    May I ask what dog you are thinking of using?
    ATB Matt

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    While i do not know Shabz's bitch, i know its litter brother fairly well and is probably 1 of the best GWP's i've seen, hunts like a demon but with a fantastic nature/temperment to it.
    If it has a fualt i've not seen it and i've seen it work a fair bit
    I've also seen and shot over 1 of the pups from the last litter its a belter of a bitch too, bit steadier than its uncle? but still hunts very well for its age it pcks up no prob's, been real easy to train, was picking up on the grouse earlier this season and has an equally nice temperment. I know it was top placed dog (3rd in an open) in a FT on grouse in very hard conditions and its 1st trial

    Prob bad timing for me and i think my next pup will be a springer but if i was looking for a wire pup i would definately be very intrested in that litter (depending on the sire)

    Wot has chris got on the go the now? Know he made a dog up (and it is the other 'best' wire i've seen also a fantastic temperment) possiby be to close if already a lot of trudvang in the breeding but i thought he has imported a couple of stud dogs (not sure which 1 he made up) think of some very good danish stock, but its so easy to lose track.
    Be worth giving either chris or jackie a bell to see wot stud dogs are out there, they know the breed/lines better than most.

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    Smashing working dog, if thing go right for in the next few months I will be looking for wgp my self.

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    I've pretty much decided not to breed from her again. I think I'm going to wait until the two dogs I have die and then go to Europe for a dog.

    Cheers though!
    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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