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Thread: Hi from Poole

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    Hi from Poole

    Hi Everyone,

    Just joined the forum and am a newcomer to stalking and shooting really, have done a limited amount of air gun shooting in the past.

    Been thinking about giving it a try for a few years now, after doing a bit of research seems like I'm in a pretty good area to start, Poole local born and bred.

    I have been looking at DSC 1 as a route to start and I'm also interested in getting an FAC so any info/advice on both subjects would be very welcome.

    From what i can tell a .308W seem to be the way to go for a first rifle, but I am quite keen to do a bit of shooting before I buy my own gear.

    I am also quite keen on the idea of Bow Hunting, but obviously this being illegal England, I thought it would be good to practice archery and hunting separately with a view to combining them abroad at some point in the future.



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    Welcome to the site. I'm in Christchurch and if you need any help just shout.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabnosh View Post
    Welcome to the site. I'm in Christchurch and if you need any help just shout.

    Welcome J, I'm in Ferndown. Same here if need any rifle/reloading help.

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    HI Im just outside Verwood
    Similar position but a little further down the road Ive been out on a few stalks and am currently waiting for Dorset to start processing my FAC (6mths wait at the moment)

    Will do a DSC1 next year some time as well as more stalks with experienced Shooters paid or friends etc

    Looking fwds to learning reloading as an engineer it appeals



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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