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Thread: MacAskill out!!

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    MacAskill out!!

    Muppet MacAskill has been dumped by Ms Sturgeon in her reshuffle. Thank the bloody Lord. I suppose we can now worry about the new man, but surely no one can be as bad as Calamity Kenny. Surely.

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    Aye a long over due, that man should have been put on garden duty many years ago.

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    Hopefully his Libyan chums will find a job for him?

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    Who knows, the new man was a junior justice something or other in the past, hopefully he hasn't been influenced by Kenny.

    Can't see the Scottish air rifle 'law' getting the chop though, too politically motivated, can't do an about face on this one.


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    Great news...but what about the policy failures he leaves behind him?

    I also see that the SNP proposed and passed a motion (seconded by Paul Wheelhouse??) at their conference last week, calling for the regulation and licensing of the shooting industry.

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    Too late damage already done.

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    They are also looking deep into the workings of the deer sector and not with favourable eye,s. There could be changes ahead.

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    I did notice that the Scottish Police Federation ( if that is its name) did come in with the voice of reason and say the air gun legislation was probably unworkable or unenforceable or both. Of course that may not matter to a politician in the slightest. They can score a point and say "we enacted this". I still think MacAskill getting the boot is a good start to the weekend.

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    I just wonder, given the comments above, if the administrators of this fine site can tell us how many Scottish members there are? Enough I imagine to be quite a strong lobby. Can we make a difference?

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    Legislation dosent solve gun crime with two incidents of assault rifles illegally held in the last couple of weeks being discharged the money being wasted would be better spent stopping the Eastern European gangs smuggling there weapons in to aberdeen

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