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Thread: gralloch disposal

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    gralloch disposal

    while i was stood in the woods tonight digging a hole to bury the gralloch from a muntjac i had just shot i wondered what other people do with theirs. as i am a recreational stalker and not doing it as a business surely it would be perfectly legal to just bag it and put it in my wheelie bin as rabbit skins ,chicken carcasses,left over joints are thrown in bins every day.when i have had to bring the gralloch back home ,there is a dung pile on the farm where i live and if you put anything on there it is mobbed by around 50 red kites and goes in no time

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    Up here in gods country it is raptor or fox food.

    Will be gone by sunset apaprt from the gut contents. It is allowed for us to put with normal refuse as long as in a sealed bag within wheelie bin. I have put foxes in my bin without issue.

    Dead ones of course.

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    the davice on gralloch disposal does say that local traditions of gralloch disposal ie in scot land leaving the gralloch for eagles etc is accepted so i suppose in this area it is acceptable to leave for kites as long as it is away from public veiw

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    I think you are right... so long as it isn't commercial waste then you are within your rights, albeit subject to what your local council rules are with regard to separating food/organic waste etc...

    I butchered a roe deer last year and put the remains (basically just the skeleton, separated into 3 sections - neck, rib-cage and pelvis) into my bin bag. I left for work in the dark on the morning of bin collection and when I returned home that evening I was dismayed to find the foxes had pulled some of it out through a hole and the bin men had just left that one bag there with bones sticking out.

    I spent the evening expecting CSI to turn up on the doorstep!


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    if it is in a good strong black bag no-one is ever going to notice i suppose

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    Our dustcart has transported too many to count of rabbits heads & feet, guts, plus the odd fox that we could'nt get on to the middin' on the way home, long as its bagged properly no complaints.
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    I leave it on the hill, the ravens and foxes dispose of it.

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    i usually bury mine when im stalking for myself on my own permissions , i carry a small folding army type spade in my roe sack along with the kitchen sink !
    i also carry a larger spade in the truck for the bigger deer .

    there was also a bit in the news a couple of months ago about the local tree huggers had shelled out a huge amount of money patching up a roe doe that had been hit by a car ,when they realeased it they radio tagged it , and when they found it , its head and gralloch was in the bottom of a whole , the poor bugger had obviusly been rolled over by the local stalker ! and the headline went some thing like this , POLICE LOOKING FOR SUSPECTS IN DECAPITATED ROE DEER CASE


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    In the library , with the lead pipe!
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    He should have left it for the black and white strippey gralloch fairies,the tag would still be running around now.

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