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Thread: Custom .223on Remington action +NF 8-32 x 56

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    Custom .223 on Remington action with quality reloading kit

    Still for sale
    Rifle has spent 2 weeks with the highly regarded Peter Horne for load development.
    He has got it to group to .174" using 75Grn Amax That was in a 14MPH wind!!
    and also 77 grn Lapua. Dies and Brass included were the ones used for load development
    So Rifle has been built by Steve Kershaw and load development by Peter Horne, You can get any better than that!!

    Rifle, moderator and one magazine
    .223 Redding competition 3 die set plus 4 titanium bushings
    100 Lapua competition brass
    Full reloading data
    1050 for rifle or 1400 including dies and brass

    Remington action .223 with tactical bolt handle
    20 MOA weaver rail
    McMillan HTG adjustable cheek piece stock Green Black Grey fully bedded
    Third Eye Tactical bottom metal
    1x AI 10 round .223 mag
    Fully adjustable CG Jackson Universal trigger.
    26 inch Lothar Walther 1 in 8 twist barrel Stainless beaded
    ASE Utra S5 moderator.

    1050 for rifle or 1400 including dies and brass

    This is a mint condition rifle as new
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    now thats a nice rifle,and a good deal.

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    scope sold, Rifle and reloading kit still for sale 2000
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    Bumpety bump still for sale, By your self a nice xmas pressie

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    Bumpety bump still for sale, By yourself a nice xmas pressie

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    Would you sell the reloading stuff separately? If so pm me a price.

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    Im trying to keep as a package but will bear it in mind

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    Rifle now 1400,Im after a cheaper .223 so swaps considered.
    Ill sell reloading kit for 500 if the rifle sells
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    Final reduction 1700 all in or 1200 for the rifle
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