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Thread: Dragging a deer

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    Dragging a deer

    Here`s a tip to drag a deer. Those of you who know this will have to forgive me.

    When you have gralloched your deer and before rigormortice sets in, cut a slit parallel with the leg bone and tendon where the layer of skin is above the heel on one of the back legs.
    After cutting the slit which only needs to be about 3-4 inches long, depending on which type of deer it is, get the opposite back foot and feed it into the slit just to the back of the hoof and you will then have created a straight handle to pull the deer with. This is good for dragging reds as this stops the cramp in your hand.
    Give it a try, i have done loads of deer this way and it works really well.


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    Ive never thought of doing it that way But thinking about it its a very good practical way of dragging. Think im gonna try that one next time i have to drag 8) Thanks for sharing that with us all mate.

    See i said this guy was a Dictionary of experience & knowledge in regards to stalking

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    Just a question, arent you dragging against the direction of the hair. This may be fine on heather but not good in mud.
    I stick an s-hook through the lower jaw and attach a handle/sling to that which also works well.


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    Thanks Nick, nothing ventured, nothing gained mate.

    Obviously you have to treat each situation as it come about mark, and yes you will drag it against the hair. I am not saying it is the perfect way to get a deer off the ground, but along heathland, grasslands, it works great, in fact there is only a few situations where this method would not work.
    Consideration has to be give to stags and bucks with a decent head.

    The reason i started to do it this way was not wanting to take the likes of a rope, drag bag, handle and other things out into the field with me and was also getting fed up with getting cramp in the palm of my hand by gripping around legs, antlers and the like. This to me is a totally natural handle as the only thing needed is a knife to make the slit, which you have got anyway.

    Happy hunting


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    Rope halter around the head. Then over the your shoulder.

    Make the halter out of a piece of rope by tieing around the back of head, then bring down side of face, twist and slip over the nose. Works for me, esp if you use a quad, car to drag.

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    I have a deer drag from Bushwear, a simple foam handle with strong, thin rope loop attached. Pop it over the head and off you go, I was getting sick of hand cramps as well. Simple, comfortable and takes up no space in the rucksack, I ordered it with a load of lardering stuff, think it was about a fiver.


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    I use a 6' long nylon loop made from 1' wide nylon ribbon from most diy super stores .

    cost about 4
    Uses are
    Extraction i always pull the beast forwards as with the hair because i pulls better less mess on the hide and if you hit a snag legs go back better than forward.
    Can be looped around a back leg and pull beast up a tree for gralloch.

    Easy to carry rolled up it makes a 3'x 1' disc.

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    There is more than one way to skin a cat!!

    I too carry a shot length of Para cord, make a head collar as suggested earlier and tie the other end to a short stick which makes it nice and easy to hold the handle with cold hands and means the rope does not cut into your hands.

    Robert is your mothers brother!


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