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Thread: Cost of mounting a grouse?

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    Cost of mounting a grouse?

    Does anyone know how much I should expect to pay to get a grouse stuffed and mounted? I would like to find an old glass done to go over it . Has anyone any idea where to find one? Thanks in anticipation

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    I was quoted 1100, for a brace. Needless to say I have had second thoughts, if you look around I don't think you'd pay more than 300 tops, depending on what you want of course.

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    300 tops unless he sticking gold up his ass.Houwers Taxidermy Pricelist 240 pound their for serious work

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    Thank you everyone. That is really helpful

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    Houwers is a respectable taxidermist does a good job and Patrick macquire in the uk

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    Anyone any idea where I can get a glass dome? Would really like an old one but nit holding my breath!

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    Google, glass domes taxidermy. There are people still selling them new. I think the taxidermist would be able to get one for you anyway and would know what size would be required.

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