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Thread: Army surplus

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    Army surplus

    Hi i just wondered if anyone uses army surplus jackets/trousers? Have seen some good looking stuff an am thinking it must be fairly good. Any ideas?

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    Apparently the new stuff is good, I've got the old DPM stuff, not so keen on it though, apart from the pants, there great for everyday mucking about in. Just don't the jackets, I think they are to big and clumbersome for shooting pursuits, therefore making to much noise.

    Just my humble opinion though

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    I still use some socks and norgie shirts I was issued with over ten years ago (still holding up -just). I use military kit for base/mid layers, but won't wear DPM or MTP because I don't like bimbling around the countryside looking like a squadie, and it's not as good as some of the kit on the market that's made for hunting (swedeteam, nomad, baretta, harkila, etc etc)

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    The new mtp is very similar to the old stuff but it has a lot of Velcro and can be quite noisy.


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    I find the German army surpluss is better. Harder wearing,more comfort and very reasonable to buy

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    The military kit will do you well and won't break the bank a set up of DPM two sets so you have a change if you are going to be away a few days. And a complete goretex suit. Wouldn't cost you more than 100. With the big names out there you wouldn't even get a pair of trousers for that the military stuff is also modular so good use of the layer system will ensure you are always comfortable

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    Most of the surplus stuff is designed as a "system" so in some cases people are unhappy with it because they buy part of a system and wonder why it doesn't work well.

    I'm not keen on wandering about in cammo myself as I'm not a soldier, don't want to be one and don't want to pretend to be one. On the other hand when I thought about it no one sees me when I'm out and about so why should I care.

    With waterproofing washed into them the windproof smocks make the ideal lowland/forestry stalking jacket. I've a lot of jackets but the windproof smocks go out almost all the time now. I also now use them a lot when fishing, walking and doing other stuff. They are not totally waterproof which makes them very breathable and so you actually stay drier and warmer than even in the best of the totally waterproof jackets. The pockets are great, they are hardwearing, you can pick them up for 10 and being part of a clothing system makes them very flexible. If it is going to be very wet then wear the smock with a goretex layer UNDER it. Then you keep your pockets but are totally waterproof and pretty silent, the fact that it is designed to be worn under the smock is why most of the surplus gore tex layers have no pockets.

    I like the design of the older DPM smocks as they are much more simple but the latest MK2 MTP smocks have mesh lining, pit zips, fleece handwarmer pockets and so on and they compare very favourably with commercial jackets in terms of "features." The problem is that you don't need many of the features. As a cammo pattern I prefer MTP simply because it isn't so dark and so works better almost everywhere except for in deep forest however it does stand out a bit more in low light.

    There are also good Haix and Altberg boots available, for around 50, as surplus. If they fit and suit your feet then these are top notch boots for very little money.

    When it comes to trousers I would wear some of the surplus trousers in warm weather but still can't find anything to beat Harkila trousers in bad weather.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tusker View Post
    I find the German army surpluss is better. Harder wearing,more comfort and very reasonable to buy
    The only item of surplus I wear is trousers, German issue and are the best general fishing/shooting trousers I have ever had.
    Comfortable, hard wearing and quick drying, just a shame they are getting so pricy to buy these days.


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    I have military surplus MTP goretex jacket/ trousers and smock. It is good quality stuff, it works and the price is right.

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    Used surplus for years.

    Was foolishly convinced it was no good. Spent a fortune on civvi hunting gear.

    Which fell apart quicker, was less comfortable, had fewer pockets, dried more slowly and made more noise.

    Now back to surplus, except for one heavy duty waterproof winter jacket.

    The trousers in particular are unbeatable.

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