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Thread: Thermal underlayers - Suggestions?

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    Thermal underlayers - Suggestions?

    Here's a general question which interests me as I am hoping to get back into my shooting again pretty soon and need to think about getting some new/suitable "outdoor clothing"!
    So many times we come across threads which cover which camo/outdoor clothing is best for stalking/shooting but we don't see much about what is best to wear underneath that outer clothing for comfort, warmth and freedom of movement, etc.
    With the winter about to set in around us what sort of under layers do "shooters" wear or suggest - Rather than just saying "I wear "such and such" try to tell us what you think are the advantages of your choice are as well please!

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    I have been trying different options myself. I'd stay away from pure polyester synthetic types if doing a lot of walking/mountain hunting as they stink!(Eventually) I quite like the merino type ones, but very expensive. On the look out for some new ones myself.

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    Definately merino. Mountain warehouse has various garments at affordable prices. Decent quality.

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    I think different people's sweat reacts to different materials. For years I would only wear cotton and wool to avoid the nasty niff of acrylic type artificials.

    I have since discovered that I do not react to the polypropylene fabric of the Helly Hansen base layers. The ones with the white oblique blocks down the sleeve. They are brilliant for keeping you comfortable and wicking away moisture which is where the chill seems to come from. I have found them good for both walking/beating and sitting up in a high seat.

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    Years ago while winter fishing for cod on a storm beach, we were all freezing with the cold all but one of us and he revealed his solution. He was wearing a pair of his wife's tights under his jeans which he said kept him very warm and even adapted a second pair by cutting a hole in the arse end so he could pull them over his upper body with arms in the leg holes.

    Next time we went fishing we all had our tights on but worried about going home as if we were involved in an accident how do you explain the tights to the nursing staff.

    The result was we would walk to the beach down a very long track which was overgrown and very dark at night and one night the weather turned really miserable and we decided to head back home. On our way back up this very dark lane a bush just off the track shot up in flames as if it was soaked in petrol for no apparent reason bearing in mind everywhere was soaked due to the rain, no thunder, no lightning just this leafless bush which was about 10-15 foot tall going up in a ball of flames.

    Never did try the tights any more and certainly never walked down this lane after dark

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    M&S thermals. Look out for the merino in particular. Been wearing them for years now.
    Well they get taken off occasionally to be washed
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Keep your eye out at Lidl, I bought a set of merino long Johns and shirt for 24, can't fault that.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Tkmaxx is also well worth a look.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    i get mine from go-outdoors or decathlon Merino wool and kit that wicks away the sweat the bike riders stuff is good light and warm

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    I have a merino shirt but despite its wicking ability I find it a bit itchy when sweaty.
    it is very warm though

    i also have some Costco special man made numbers in trogs and shirt.
    the long johns are very good when worn under otherwise cool trousers
    no use when actually doing anything though as you sweat like a sweaty thing

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