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Thread: My First Fallow Buck - and a Melanistic at that!

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    Thumbs up My First Fallow Buck - and a Melanistic at that!

    Shot my first fallow buck this evening.

    I was just on my back to the landy when I saw 2 fallow grazing the hedge.

    Got my self into position, lift the 7m-08 Ack impr, pop. He fell straight over, Clean shot. Only the second beast to appear in my cross hairs of my new rifle and both fell to this great calibre.

    Thanks for listening.


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    Well done! Always a bonus when you're on your way back, about to chalk up a blank, and then opportunity suddenly knocks!


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    Yep and they have just recently start to appear on my land so very especially as there is one huge buck there too.

    Just a bonus for me. New Rifle, new deer.\\

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    Lady luck smiling on you mate!

    Any pics of said buck?
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