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Thread: My first roe buck.

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    My first roe buck.

    It's been a long time coming but here's the story of my first roe buck...

    My (elder) sister (sorry) Pippa, had been on a stalk with Tom the ranger at Clinton Devon Estates previously and bagged her first doe, I suggested we should go again together as we were both gettting the stalking bug (again for me, see another post for details) so we settled on a date in July of 2009.

    We met up and spent quite a bit of time at the 'Sportsman' in Exeter before heading off to meet Tom at his house.
    On arrival we got settled in the excellent accommodation and then headed out to Tom's range for the zeroing test.

    I went first and shot both 30-06 and .308 settling on the .308 as my favorite with a good group prone and off the sticks, that left Pippa with the 30-06 which she had used before and shoots well with.

    The shooting test done we headed back for a good feed at the local watering hole and then headed out to separate areas for our evening stalks. Tom and I went to a small farm not far away, parked the truck and began our stalk... we headed off up the outside of a small wooded area staying close to the tree-line, about 3/4 up the field Tom spotted a buck behind us in the opposite corner, we dropped and stalked across the field to get closer... he hadn't noticed us at all and was intent on feeding, we managed to get within about 60-70 yards then stopped, there was no backstop where he was stood so we had to wait for him to move to a place where there was a safe shot, he moved off not presenting a safe shot and the stalk continued..

    We came through to the next field and there was a buck and a doe stood in the long grass, again we crawled closer but again we could not get a safe shot at the buck.

    We moved on and spotted another buck, this time an old fellow with an excelllent head, it was a brief encounter and he vanished into the distance.. moving on we came across another doe, this time with a kid, so we watched for a while before moving to a high seat for the last minutes of daylight. Nothing else showed but I would say that seeing 3 bucks 2 does and a kid was pretty good anyway...

    A short trip back to find Pippa had no success either on her stalk...
    A beer and some shared stories then off to bed for an early start...

    04:30am up and dressed, a quick cuppa and then out, Tom and I went back to the same farm we had been to but because of the wind we started where we had finished the previous evening and parked the truck accordingly...

    The idea was to do the previous stalk in reverse so we headed to the bottom of the field that had the high seat, we had walked no more than 100 yards from the truck.."there's a buck in the field" says Tom, he's 80+ yards away and oblivious to our presence.. we look at using the fence post as a rest etc... when suddenly there are 2 bucks.... both are 2 year olds and haven't realised we're there yet.. something spooks them... both bucks start running toward us.... they stop.. no more than 6ft away... and then run away... but not as far as before... now I have both bucks in range happily feeding..

    Tom has given me the sticks and I'm on target for one of the bucks... He moves!! I line up on the second buck.. he moves!! it goes on.. I swap between targets for a while then ask tom "is it ok to take the shot?" "yes" he says so I'm on the buck on the right and he's feeding so I squeeze off...

    He dropped on the spot... the second buck trotted away but came back feeding so we waited a while before he moved off and we recovered the carcass. Tom went back and drove the truck to where we were and we performed the gralloch in the field (a clean kill, heart shot) after the obligatory photo's. In all the stalk had lasted no more than 10 minutes from leaving the truck. We took the carcass to the cold store and cleaned it up then headed back for breakfast (full english inc black pudding..yum) to discover Pippa had had no luck...(shame.. Lol) she has made up for it since though...

    Pictures below are my first ever roe buck, I might not look too happy but it was 05:00 when I got him....

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    Thanks to Tom for a great stalk. I have been back since for the doe cull... another story that one....

    Cheers and straight powder to all.
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    Bloody cheek! 'Elder' sister, huh? Well, clearly age and experience has it over youth, buster...

    I admit though that I've had more opportunities for stalking (and disposable income to enable it) than you have, so you've got me there.

    You had all the luck that outing though, as you saw far more than I did. I did get to watch a buck chase a doe round and round a field for a while, and although they stopped within feet of me, I had no opportunity to even get up on the sticks, let alone line up a safe shot...

    Keep at it though - you've got your DSC in a couple of weeks' time and before long you'll have your variation, be able to go buy a new toy, and then there'll be no stopping you...

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    Pippa, he might still have his youth, but he has'nt got a chance in the looks dept!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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