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Thread: waste disposal

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    waste disposal

    Leading on from gralloch disposal, which I am comfortable with. What is the official route to dispose of hide, bones and meat waste when you butcher a carcase down. Our local tip wont take animal waste but food waste is fine. My view would be that it is food waste but then thats easiest for me. What is officially correct and what do you guys do??

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    Bag it and put it in your domestic bin for occaisional deer (with a nice tip at Christmas) - several carcases a week would probably constitute trade waste and the Council would charge or refer you to the butchers waste collection company in the area.

    (many years in the waste industry)

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    If you're producing more than 1 bag of carcase waste a week its sometimes worth while thinking about getting a waste pit dug in some corner of the etatae or farm to take the waste. Its also a good way of using up that old single skin diesel tank that no one wants to take off your hands. You cut the bottom off and use the sides and top as the frame and the lid for the waste pit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 00neil View Post
    You have to hire a waste disposal company, which collect your waste including your domestic bin from your home.

    Unusual first post! I'm to to click the link......

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    Don't think I will click that link either!

    I fyou butcher a deer for domestic use -ie for you self or to give to family and friends, then you may legally put it in your domestic waste(Suitably bagged). If you are processing to sell then you need to pay for a waste disposal company to collect.

    Digging a waste pit requires authorisation by the Environment Agency



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    Wheelie bin bag it, thats it gone, Ive put 35 + Roe skins, legs and heads etc in the bin during April alone never had anyone say anything ,its rubbish after all it all goes to land fill or incineration .

    The only thing it says on the bin is no hot ashes,the Butcher does the same with his bones etc .

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    i throw mine on a heap i have in some scrub on a local farm where i control foxes,i pick em up with snares or a sit with a rifle,everything has a use!

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    Link looks OK, just advertising a waste disposal company in London


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    Quote Originally Posted by Old tikka View Post
    Don't think I will click that link either!

    Digging a waste pit requires authorisation by the Environment Agency


    I think the law on that is that you can bury it on the land that it came from ie the same estate it must be 1 meter underground and I believe its 10 meters from any water course.
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