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Thread: Rifle sling help??

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    Rifle sling help??

    alright fella's I'm looking for a sling for my sako 85 laminate stainless varmint barrel with a zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 scope, a atlas bipod and are ultra sl 5 mod. heavy bit of kit!

    just wondering if anyone you know where i can get a real nice leather sling from to finish off the rifle?

    all help appreciated



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    I've yet to see a factory or so-called custom sling worthy of gracing one of my rifles.

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    I have a Turner Saddlery leather sling that is good quality. Have not however used it in the field as a stalking sling. It would need a bit of TLC to keep it in good condition. Just ordered a TAB sling due to arrive any day now which I think will suit my needs better. I recall seeing a website for someone here in the UK that made copies of the US military leather slings. A google search should locate it.

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    seriously have a look in your local music shop us shooters arnt the only ones that use slings/straps some real nice guitar straps done in leather.

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    I have a couple of heavy rifles and to be honest wouldn't entertain using a leather sling. Too little give which Makes you feel the weight before too long. The best solution I have found is to use side mounted flush cups with a Niggeloh backpack sling. A 16lb rifle can be carried all day in comfort

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    I have no idea what it is called or even who it is made by but I have a leather sling that not only looks the part but is made from very good bridle leather and at around 50 well worth it.
    I got mine from Braces of Bristol so all I can say is give them a ring and tell them what you are after and ask them to describe it more thoroughly.
    Sorry to be so flimsey with the details but I am not PC literate enough to post a picture but all I can say is you would have a job to beat it for quality and value.

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    My friend who is a leather maker in his spare time made me the enclosed leather and canvas sling. Beautiful yet practical for carrying my rifles due to the width of the canvas. If you are interested I can ask him if he would make another (note he is based in the uk). Attachment 49468

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    Dougster - he'll be at Newark so you can see his work first hand. For a heavier rifle, his leather/canvass sling is well worth a look.

    We've a 'relationship' so declaring that here, but he does my leather gear and I'm impressed with everything he produces. Though dont forget everything is cheaper from China via Ebay
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    The ones I am talking about from Braces are not from China or available on E Bay but are not as expensive as some bespoke slings because they are made in bulk, I expect.
    They are equal to some bespoke slings I have seen, I'd say identical and could have been used as a pattern.

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