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Thread: Dipol d125 nightvision

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    Dipol d125 nightvision

    Hi has anyone used 1of these? A friend has 1 for sale but dont no much about them.

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    I believe these are the same basically as the older Cobra Merlin gen 1, as a monocular it will have a wide field of view and be ok out to about 200m but an additional illuminator will be needed for eye sign but care must be advised as too bright an illumination will burn the tube. However I used one as my first add on NV unit for pest control rabbits 14 or so years ago with ranges out to 100m with additional illumination, it worked fine, it was heavily used 5 nights a week for 5 years and accounted for many thousands of rabbit and many fox too, it is still used as a monocular today as I gave it to a farmer friend who uses it to look over his sheep at night, range was the only reason that I changed it. Hope this helps Carl

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    What do you use now or what do you advise?

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