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Thread: Jack pyke 3in1

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    Jack pyke 3in1

    Im in the market for an allround camouflage jacket and trouser and have seen a good price on the English Oak camo 3in1 jacket + trousers. The jacket has a thich camo fleece jacket which can be taken out.

    So my question is - How warm is the jacket with the fleece inside and how cold/warm is the jacket without the fleece?

    And is the general quality good? Can it take some beating now and then?

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    I have had the JP 'Hunter' and trousers for about four years now. So far, they have held up well, and seem to be handling the mud, blood and sweat quite well! I can't compare it to other, more Gucci kit, as, apart from military kit, it's all I've ever used. The jacket keeps ME warm enough in winter, but then, I layer up anyway, and (usually) carry a rucksack to carry gear if I don't need it on.

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