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Thread: Petrified roe deer?

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    Petrified roe deer?

    There was an interesting case over here recently of a roe doe stood stock still in a field, not moving even when hunters approached it. It seems they were close enough that they could and did touch it and it still didn't run away.

    Anyone here heard of anything similar?

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    Here is a link to a Google translated/butchered article about it:

    Google Translate

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    I had one a while ago which was totally blind and deaf, you could walk right up to it and touch it, I did the decent thing as it was somewhere where it would have rapidly become dog fodder, although it was at work and I didn't have a gun.......
    She was otherwise healthy and feeding fine but clearly not behaving right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fursty Ferret View Post
    Rape sickness??
    Yes, that's a strong possibility.

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    The sptons sound straight out of the DMQ test - correct answer was rape sickness.

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    Remember walking up to a Roe doe a few years ago in an orchard.
    She looked odd as she swayed around. She was pi$$ed on apples.
    When she finally worked out i was there she ran, fell over got up an decided that walking away was a better option.
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    What is rape sickness?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewfish View Post
    Does rape sickness kill them?
    Yes it can

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSimon View Post
    What is rape sickness?
    An illness caused by eating too much OSR causing problems with blood metabolism.

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