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Thread: Wildcat Predator 8 Sound Moderator

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    ***SOLD***Wildcat Predator 8 Sound Moderator

    For sale is my wildcat predator 8 sound moderator. I bought it brand new direct from UK custom shop about 15 months ago and it has fired either 52 or 56 bullets through it since then. All the bullets fired were factory bullets so no home made experiments.

    The thread for this is 1/2 unf and the moderator itself is in I would say a perfect condition. I have stripped it and cleaned it after every outing and there are no signs of any rust or damage anywhere either inside or outside. All of the rubber O seals also show no sign of wear or tear.

    I used this moderator on my .22/250 and according to the website and the chap at UK custom shop it is suitable for use up to and including .243 calibre. I also have a heavy duty camoflauge neoprene protector which I will include in the sale free of charge.

    The reason that I am selling the moderator is because I have recently received a variation for a bigger calibre rifle and a second sound moderator and will require to get a bigger size moderator for the larger calibre. I cannot justify having two moderators so this unfortunately one has to go.

    The local gun dealer offered me 130 for this so this is what I am ideally looking for it. I would prefer to sell this face to face however I am happy to post it to a registered firearms dealer at the buyers expense. I live in East Lothian.

    If you have any questions please send me a message and I will respond to you asap.

    Thank you for looking

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    Check you PM's.

    But briefly it costs just 55 to swop calibres with the Wildcat

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    damnit, I'm gonna need one of these soon - but the papers haven't come back yet...

    Oh well, hope you get a good price if you sell, I'd go for it at 130. If you still have it when I get the papers I'll have it!

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    SOLD pending paperwork & payment

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