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Thread: Deerhunter ram glove

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    Deerhunter ram glove

    Attachment 49497he Ram gloves are lined with a Deer-tex membrane making them fully waterproof and breathable. An elasticated cuff ensures a tight fit on the wrist to stop draughfts or foreign bodies getting in when you are using them. There is also a strap closure forward of the wrist cuff, allowing you to tuck your jacket etc into the glove and hold this in place to stop it slipping back out. Lined with fleece to keep out the cold. Both index fingers have the complete outer shell removed to allow you to use a trigger or grip and item with full dexterity and feeling no matter your are left or right handed. The palm is covered with black leather to give you good grip even in the wet. The Deerhunter logo is stitched across the top of the glove running along the pinkie finger.

    • Gloves w/Deer-Tex®
    • Outer Shell 88% Polyester / 12% Polyamid Micro Fiber
    • Leather trimmings
    • 100 % fleece
    • Deer-tex® membrane
    • Fully Machine Washable
    • Price £23 delivered sizes available are medium large and xlarge
    • Pm me your interestedAttachment 49476
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