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Thread: Fridge - Dump or Fix

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    Fridge - Dump or Fix

    My Hotpoint Quadrio fridge has stopped cooling.

    Is it worth fixing? or are the call out charges prohibitive?

    What is it likely to be? The computer or the compressor?

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    Sounds like the thermostat to be honest...I bought a freezer a few weeks ago ( in advance of some shooting) and it wouldnt freeze unless the boost button was on all the time, so 6.40 off fleabay and 10 mins to fix, working like a dream now...all the info on fitting is on Youtube...

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    I am not sure it will be the thermostat as a lot of the modern fridges have a printed curcuit controller that does all sorts of interesting things.
    If you only want it to put deer in you could do away with the original controls and fit an aftermarket thermostat.
    I would have to talk to you on the phone to figure out your exact problem, if you are interested PM me.

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    I have stripped the cover of the fan at the back of the freezer.

    It was ice up nearly 100%

    My wife reckons it has no 'drained' water for ages. Could the vents just be frozen?

    The fan was not spinning could not get it to spin.

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    Ok have pulled it apart powered 3 kettles of hot water down the back of the fridge compartment, then used a fan heater for an hour.

    Then swore at it for a bit, stripped the skin of my finger, had an argument with my wife and now the dog is hiding behind the side board.

    Have put it back together and switched it on, fingers crossed.

    Discover when reading the instruction manual it has a qvc drawer In the freezer, what is a qvc drawer you may ask? Apparently it is a 5 function multi temperature system so you can freeze food just right. ***!!!

    It is cured!!!!!

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