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Thread: The Bushcraft Store - Excellent Service!

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    The Bushcraft Store - Excellent Service!

    A quick SD write up after excellent service from these guys....

    The Bushcraft Store - Bushcraft & Survival Kit at Great Prices

    I bought a new "waterproof" do it all jacket from these guys back in mid August. It got worn immediately on the Hill for my Grouse shoots. On the final day the heavens opened, and I in my flash new jacket got wet. Hmmm, did I leave the pit zips open? Yeah that was probably it....

    Then it got worn for some serious Stag stalking - same wet result. I'd done a lot of crawling though so it was understandable right? Maybe....

    Beating a local pheasant shoot, high cover crops, lashing rain. Any jacket would've let some moisture in wouldn't it? Back in the beaters wagon other folk were dry inside their jackets, this doesn't seem right somehow....

    Duck pond. Pockets and pit zips closed. No crawling. No crops. Just standing in the wind and rain. Jacket clearly leaking like a sieve now. Bugger....

    I emailed The Bushcraft Store, THREE MONTHS after buying it to give them a heads up. I didn't ask for a refund or an exchange due to the timescales involved, I just wanted to tell them I thought there were some issues that might affect their other customers.

    I got a reply within the hour: "Sorry, send it back, what would sir like to replace it with?"

    Yesterday a brand new jacket (worth £10 more) arrived! They'd sent it next day recorded delivery after they received my old one back, and insisted on waiving the £10 difference. They didn't even charge me for postage!

    Top guys, i'll be buying from them again.
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    I've a cheap windproof smock from them which I find very handy and a tarp, always been very helpful.

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