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Thread: Sako 85 Recoil Lug Arrangement

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    Sako 85 Recoil Lug Arrangement

    What does everyone make of the Sako 85 recoil lug arrangement?

    It looks a bit faffy to me.

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    holds zero on mine so can't be that faffy

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    Cheers paul o', good to know.

    To be clear, i'm not thinking I know better than Sako/Beretta, it just seems like a funny looking little arrangement.

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    It is tricky to bed according to those who have tried. That said, my brother likes his a lot unbedded and another mate of mine (also a gunsmith) is keyholing rounds now that he has bedded his.

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    Keyholing rounds after bedding? Sounds bad - was it shooting ok before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitter View Post
    Keyholing rounds after bedding? Sounds bad - was it shooting ok before?
    You're right. I've just googled that to realise two things. A) I've been using the term keyholing incorrectly for years. I thought that it meant putting rounds thought the same hole, not tumbling bullets! B) If you Google it, the first definition that comes up is quite different altogether and is completely unrelated to rifles!

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    Lol - I just had to Google it. Seems I have lived a sheltered life.

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    Christ id better not ask the wife if it was keyholing again !!!mind you the words gay, or a bunch/tray of faggots meant something completely different in the 60's

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    Best off topic thread ever

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    There's got to be a joke in here somewhere about increasing pressure and overall length!

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