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Thread: Night vision forum problem

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    Night vision forum problem

    Hi does anyone use the night vision forum? It wont let me register! Any ideas?

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    working for me ???

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    do you want me to mention it on there ?

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    Yes please tried several times but wont let me. Just wondered if im doing something wrong.

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    PM'd admin buddy

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    Thanks Rod.

    dan71, I've checked the log and can't find any users that we've refused membership as of late.

    If you want to try again this evening, I'll keep an eye out for your application. pm me your username, if you like.


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    I too have also been trying to register for several weeks with no luck. Can you keep an eye out for me as well lol.


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    I have registered twice, just waiting for it to be approved?

    Can someone please pass the message on please.



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    Glad its not just me!

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    Hi you are both now registered on the NVUK sorry for the delay although I cant see any problems we will look into it.

    Cheers Geoff

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