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Thread: Harkila trousers?

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    Harkila trousers?

    Was just wanting to ask on here. Got these trousers a wee while ago,(think they're the pro hunter x ones) and the seem to always get damp around the knees when I'm out shooting. Apart from that they've been totally waterproof. Is this normal for the trousers or should I look into sending them back? They're not 'leaking' as such but just not totally dry after a day's shooting which is annoying.

    Appreciate any replies!

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    I have a pair, and mine are compleatly dry if that helps, and ive been crawling through wet ditches

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    I have a pair of Harkila Extremes that are several years old and well worn. Always completely dry.
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    Cheers for the replies! Thought this might be the case. I'll msybe drop harkila an email and see what they say. Apart from that the trousers are great!

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    Mine do the same, particularly if crawling through wet grass or heather. However, they do seem to dry out pretty quickly. I've just learned to live with it, as the only thing that's totally waterproof is staying in the house......

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    they show you on their web site a guy crawling through a stream.I have just bought the trousers and jacket and so far have remained dry,not crawled through any streams yet though

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    I wonder if the cold water on the outside of the fabric is causing condensation on the inside? The truth of the matter is that gore-tex and all the variations aren't totally breathable so if you walk hard or are out and about all day then nearly any trousers or jackets get wet inside. This might not be an issue if you just walk from the car to a highseat or wander slowly down a field but if the walking is hard going then you are going to get at least a little damp on the inside no matter what you wear - even a cotton t-shirt will get damp on a summer day if you do some exercise.

    I wear the Harkila trousers myself and think they are great but under certain circumstances, even when the ground or weather is not dry, you may well stay drier and more comfortable wearing non-waterproof trousers that will dry out quicker. Sometimes it is better to get wet and be dry in 15 minutes than to keep the water out, collect sweat and be wet all day.
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