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Thread: soft shooting shotgun cartridge for game

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    soft shooting shotgun cartridge for game

    I know this is not stalking, but a lot of you shoot shotguns too.

    Finally got my wife to have a bit of a go on the pheasants on Saturday. She enjoyed herself but the only cartridges I had were RC 32g 5's. They are rather punchy, but I like them because they kill well.

    Anything suitable for a lady with a light gun?

    (for clays she uses 21G)


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    28g 6s? 24g 6s/7s/8s?? Depends what she is using the gun for though I suppose.

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    I think there's a lot of psychology related to cartridges. "I like them because they kill well." I suggest she tries a few different brands and types and finds something she's comfy with. Recoil can be a perception and having a few shots at some clays will allow her to pick a cartridge for future use. It can be as simple as the colour!!

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    Didn't Rottweil make lovely pink cartridges that were so gentle to the armpit women prefer to go shopping?

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    just get her the clay cartridges she uses and is happy with but with 6 or 7 shot ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    try a 24 gram in a 5 or 6 this should be soft enough for your lady to enjoy her shooting
    see if you can pick up three different makes and let her try to see which shoots the best
    regards pete

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    I use Gamebore Black Gold with the GRS (gordon recoil system) that are claimed to reduce recoil by 15%.

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    Fibre wads are going to feel a bit punchier weight for weight, but a 24g load of 5 or 6 is adequate for normal height pheasants. Caledonian Classics are nice soft shooting fibre wad cartridges. I use the Caledoninan XL, photodegradable wad, so cushioning like a plastic wad.

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    Eley impax or Grand Prix kill well despite moderate recoil. Subsonics may be worth a go if they are too punchy. Both my son and recoil sensitive wife cope well with a 20 bore. Let me know if you want to borrow one to try

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    Malxwall, what you need is a well balanced hand made Browning 20g armed with Caledonian diamond shot 24gramme carts?????
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